William sounded too corporate, too establishment
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  The Last Juror | Автор: admin | 24-07-2010, 08:17
William sounded too corporate, too establishment. I became Will.

Spot at various times called me Will, William, Bill, or even Billy, and since I would answer to all of them I never knew what was next. In the announcement, under my smiling face, was my new name. Willie Traynor. I was horrified. I had never dreamed of anyone calling me Willie. I went to a prep school in Memphis and then to college in New York, and I had never met a person named Willie. I wasn’t a good ole boy. I drove a Triumph Spitfire and had long hair.

What would I tell my fraternity brothers at Syracuse? What would I tell BeeBee?

After hiding in my apartment for two days, I mustered the courage to confront Spot and demand he do something. I wasn’t sure what, but he’d made the mistake and he could damned well fix it. I marched into the Times  office and bumped into Davey Bigmouth Bass, the sports editor of the paper. “Hey, cool name,” he said. I followed him into his office, seeking advice.

“My name’s not Willie,” I said.

“It is now.”

“My name’s Will.”

“They’ll love you around here. A smart?ass from up North with long hair and a little imported sports car. Hell, folks’ll think you’re pretty cool with a name like Willie. Think of Joe Willie.”

“Who’s Joe Willie?”

“Joe Willie Namath.”

“Oh him.”

“Yeah, he’s a Yankee like you, from Pennsylvania or some place, but when he got to Alabama he went from Joseph William to Joe Willie.

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