He glanced at one of his agents and confirmed this juicy little tidbit
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He glanced at one of his agents and confirmed this juicy little tidbit.

Runyan ignored it, didn’t want to hear it. “Is he cooperating?”

“Of course not. In many ways he’s worse than Rosenberg. He allows us to escort him to his apartment building, then makes us sit in the parking lot all night. He’s seven floors up, remember. We can’t even sit in the lobby. Might upset his neighbors, he says. So we sit in the car. There are ten ways in and out of the building, and it’s impossible to protect him. He likes to play hide?and?seek with us. He sneaks around all the time, so we never know if he’s in the building or not. At least with Rosenberg we know where he is all night. Jensen’s impossible.”

“Great. If you can’t follow him, how could an assassin?”

Lewis hadn’t thought of this. He missed the humor. “The Director is very concerned with Justice Jensen’s safety.”

“He doesn’t receive that many threats.”

“Number six on the list, just a few less than you, your honor.”

“Oh. So I’m in fifth place.”

“Yes. Just behind Justice Manning. He’s cooperating, by the way. Fully.”

“He’s afraid of his shadow,” the Chief said, then hesitated. “I shouldn’t have said that. I’m sorry.”

Lewis ignored it. “In fact, the cooperation has been reasonably good, except for Rosenberg and Jensen. Justice Stone bitches a lot, but he listens to us.”

“He bitches at everyone, so don’t take it personally.

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